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The Santa Claus Parade 2015 #Kemptville

We’ve gone to our towns Santa Claus parade for as long as I can remember. Considering I can’t remember what I had for breakfast, that isn’t very long. However, I do remember last years parade and know that this years… «more»

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Companies that Give to Those in Need #charity

Since before I was even a parent, I knew that I wanted to teach my kids Charity. After losing Alexander, it became an unbridled passion to do something good in his name. In turn, once a year, for the past… «more»

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Our Non-Traditional Christmas Holiday Tradition

A friend recently told me that she leaves her outside Christmas tree lights on all year long. And it got me to thinking about how absolutely normal she is. I mean, I didn’t think that anything could beat the weirdness… «more»

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Unique and Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

It’s been a while since we told you what’s in The Zoo’s mailbox. Seeing as Christmas is only three-ish weeks away, we thought we’d share with you some of the unique and affordable Christmas gift ideas for Kids and Moms.… «more»

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Create Family Memories with Products from Elephoto

My love for all things personalized and Canadian are well documented. So, you can imagine my excitement when I won a $50 gift certificate from Elephoto! Elephoto is a Canadian service that “takes your digital photos and turns them into… «more»