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141018-Thanksgiving Turkey thumbnail

Beginners Guide to Cooking a Turkey Dinner #Thanksgiving

Remember the first time that you cooked a turkey. The frustration at forgetting to turn on the oven, finding out that after five days of defrosting in the fridge the turkey was still partially frozen. Or, my personal favourite, losing… «more»

Tre Stelle Bocconcini Cheese

Tre Stelle Cheese is Made for Families Like Us

We eat cheese every day. Sometimes three meals a day. The Kids love it which is great. The only problem is that plain old slices of cheddar cheese get boring. Even for three-year olds. If you’re thinking, “I have no… «more»

Tilda Canada Rice Choices

Tilda Legendary Rice is an Aromatic Explosion!

We eat a lot of basmati rice. Probably five times a week and the other two days it’s pizza and pasta. Yes, that much. It’s my go to side dish because the kids love it and it’s easy to prepare… «more»

You Don’t have to be a Chef to Need CUTCO Cutlery

You know when you don’t know what you’re missing until you know what you’re missing. And by the time you figure it out, you wonder how you ever lived without that thing that you weren’t missing but now are. Confused?… «more»

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Not Your Average Pulled Pork Recipe

Pulled Pork Sandwiches! with Fried Onions and Cherry Tomatoes from the Garden This was originally going to be a Wordless Wednesday post but, I changed my mind. Happens in the best of families. Or so I tell people.  I mean,… «more»

picture of broken egg

How to Not Cook a Fried Egg

One thing I learned early on with this whole blogging thing is to write about what you know. Another thing I learned is that following the rules all the time, can be boring and let’s be real, tilting at windmills… «more»