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Make Couponing a Part of your Money Saving Tips!

  Have you ever seen the TLC show “Extreme Couponing”? In a nutshell, Americans go grocery shopping and rack up a bill of thousands (yes, THOUSANDS) of dollars and after they apply all their discounts, they end up paying around… «more»

coupon giveaway-august

Win $90 in Coupons and an FPC

The last time that I offered a coupon giveaway was in November and we were just leaving for Mexico. This time, it’s May and we’ve just been back from Mexico for a month. Coming home requires as much prep work… «more»


Win $99 in Coupons and BOGOs

It’s that time of year again. The cupboards are almost bare, meals are eaten out of the convenient boxes in which they came and my shopping bills are down to $25 a week for milk, eggs and fresh vegetables. No,… «more»

Coupon Giveaway October 2014

Win $99 in Canadian Coupons

I like to collect coupons. So much so that I often just collect them for the sake of collecting. Kind of like sewing machines, old wash basins, craft supplies, stationery, the list goes on. Lately, I’ve been busy getting the… «more»

Massive End of Year $150 Coupon Giveaway

It’s that time of year. The one where I go into the back of the cupboards and start pulling out all the cans of tomato soup, oatmeal and lentils that no matter how you put them together, they won’t make… «more»


Win over $80 in Coupons and an FPC

Do you have a Hobby? I could look up the exact definition of the word but I’m pretty sure that scouring through magazines while waiting for appointments and then removing the coupons counts as a hobby. If not, what if… «more»