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WIN at the Weekly Giveaway Linky, WW, 05/13

This week, has been full of sunshine. Not literally but figuratively. I was nominated for a Walmart Canada Mom of The Year Award by a Friend and Fellow Blogging Peer, Sandi from Canadian Blog House. The best part about being… «more»

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WIN at the Weekly Giveaway Linky, WW, 05/06

Where has the year gone? It’s April 29 already. Wow. I know that four days out of my year was spent in Las Vegas. But we already had a discussion about “what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas”.… «more»

Five Ways to Save on Your Food Bill

Five Ways to Save on Your Food Bill #tips

Money doesn’t grow on trees. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that, I’d be rich. But I’m not. Given the fact that we travel six months of the year and support a family of four on… «more»

Wholly Guacamole Products are Perfect for any Occasion

Recently, I posted about a great giveaway that Wholly Guacamole was hosting (and still is). In turn, as a thank you, they kindly sent me a bunch of coupons. Seeing as I’m nice (remember?). I’ve decided to share some of… «more»

Canadian Coupon Giveaway August

Win $75 in Coupons and an FPC

For the past little while, I’ve been hosting frequent coupon giveaways.Rumour has it that you have enjoyed the opportunity to save money on all the Brands you love. With that in mind, I’ve been clipping and saving to my hearts… «more»

Get Inspired by Wholly Guacamole Products

The Kids eat almost everything; caviar, eggs, vegetables and especially avocados. In fact, we eat avocados almost every day. The funny part, we eat more Mexican avocados in Canada then in Mexico where they’re grown! For a while now, I’ve… «more»

Coupon Giveaway July 2013

Win over $82 in Coupons and an FPC

All of you are good influences on my frugal being and our family budget.Since I’ve actively been collecting coupons to share with you, I’ve found that I’m using at least one, normally two coupons per trip. Before, I’d only use… «more»

Coupon Giveaway June

Win over $60 in Coupons and an FPC

Want to stretch your dollars further? Love coupons but running short? Have no fear, The Zoo is here! It’s that time again and we want to share the wealth! Up for grabs in this giveaway are Coupons, BOGOs and an FPC.… «more»

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And the Giveaway Winner of the $50 in Coupons is…

The contest has closed. The results have been written on a scrap piece of paper tallied. While you’re all waiting with bated breath, I wanted to make a few notes and walk you through the so basic it’s silly selection… «more»