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Colour Umbrella

Is This Considered Good Funeral Etiquette?

Photo Source Death and all things surrounding it are never humourous. Except when they are. And this is one of those times. Ed recently went to a military funeral for a business associate. Even though I worked in the same… «more»

Death Should Come with a Manual

Death Should Come with a Manual

You think that I’d be good with this death stuff by now. With the loss of my son Alexander, then Aries the Cat, and now Phoenix the Dog yesterday. Well almost Phoenix. If he had died yesterday, as planned, then… «more»

bubba the goldfish bowl

Remember Bubba the Goldfish. Yes, well…

Remember Bubba the Goldfish? He was that goldfish that our neighbour gave The Kids on Friday. You know, the sixth day of the week and only 13 days before a cross-three-country roadtrop spanning 5,000km. For the past 18 hours, Bubba… «more»

Aries the Cat Portrait

On the Eve of Your Death…

I thought you would live forever. I really did. But, that’s not the way life works. Seeing as endings are so sad, I thought that I would start at the beginning and go from there. It was June 1996, we… «more»

Weather Vane

The Day That My Son Died (in my Mind)

For the past four years, it’s come. It starts in early October. The exact date isn’t set in stone. My heart just knows when it’s time. For the first few weeks, it only happens every other day or so. But,… «more»

Avery's Butterfly Donate to Sunnybrook Hospital

Avery’s Act of Kindness Fundraiser for an NICU Incubator

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work out the way you planned it. When I was 25 weeks pregnant with Triplets, Baby A, Alexanders’ membranes ruptured (PROM). While this can signal impending labour, for reasons unknown, I didn’t end up going into… «more»

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What Happens When We Die and Other Questions?

I’m not talking about what happens to us when we die. That would be morbid and this is Monday so happy, happy. As I was enjoying my weekly “Get out of Jail for One Hour” break (I went to Laz… «more»

Someone Gifting a Quarter

How the Gift of a Quarter Changed My Life Forever

Lots of people have lost a child, however, when you’re going through the loss yourself, it seems like you’re the only one in the entire world.. People don’t talk about it very much. I get it. No one wants to… «more»