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Disney World Castle

Have You Ever Been to Disney World? #travel

In case you didn’t read yesterdays post, as of this morning at 5am, The Zoo has begun our bi-annual 5,000km, 3-country road trip north from Mexico. Except this time, we’re throwing a twist in things by taking a little detour… «more»

Halloween 2014

The Almost Halloween Costume Debacle of 2014

From all appearances, this years Halloween looked a lot like the Halloween Costume Debacle of 2012 but, thankfully it wasn’t. Well, not exactly. Yes, Max went as a Fireman (again) and Artemis was a Princess (for the third year in… «more»

Disney Baby Logo

Disney Baby BodySuits are Now Available in Canada

Disney has just introduced their Cuddly BodySuit to the Canadian market and Journeys of The Zoo couldn’t be more excited to let you know why you need to get your hands on one. Make sure you read down to the… «more»

Disney is Looking for Canadians for a Blogger Opp

  Journeys of The Zoo is excited to get the opportunity to review Disney’s *NEW* Cuddly BodySuit and you can too! Disney Baby has just released this adorable “you-need-it-in-your-closet” item into the Canadian Market and they are dedicated to helping… «more»