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Fried Grasshoppers Mexico

How Many Calories in a Fried Grasshopper?

Do you recall that episode of Survivor (or one of those survivor-like shows) where people had to eat caviar in order to win a challenge for their tribe? The two unwilling representatives from each tribe were dry heaving at the… «more»

Five Myths About Mexico Thumbnail

Five Myths About Mexico

Since beginning our Mexican adventure in 2003, I’ve learned a lot of things. Make that A LOT. Even though I’d visited Mexico many times before, I guess I hadn’t known the “Real Mexico”. There are many myths about Mexico. Some… «more»

Wholly Guacamole Products are Perfect for any Occasion

Recently, I posted about a great giveaway that Wholly Guacamole was hosting (and still is). In turn, as a thank you, they kindly sent me a bunch of coupons. Seeing as I’m nice (remember?). I’ve decided to share some of… «more»

If You Are What You Eat, What Does That Make The Zoo?

Besides the culture and weather, my favourite part about living in Mexico is the Food. Everything from pigs feet to ceviche (raw ground beef) and chalupas. I Love the Food! Here are some things that you probably didn’t know about… «more»


Creative Ways to Get your Kids to Eat with Funbites

Every toddler goes through stages of not wanting to eat. Whether they are feeling under the weather, a little cranky, or asserting their independence. Regardless, no parent wants to battle with their children over food. That’s why Funbites is such… «more»