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When Bad Haircuts Happen to Good Dogs

I know how Wordless Wednesday posts are supposed to be “wordless” but sometimes wordless turns into a post about a tasty not your average pulled pork sandwich recipe and how not to toilet training.Besides, I am my Mothers’ daughter after… «more»

The Hair Debacle of 2011

We’re in the final stages of getting packed up for Mexico. Thankfully, we’ve had some help with babysitting.Nanna left on Monday. Max had a cold was sad to see her go. Poppa arrived on Tuesday and we all went to… «more»

The Mullet and James Bond 007 Marathon #10

For the past few months, people (family and friends) have been asking me “When I’m going to cut Max’s hair”. One even ventured to ask “What’s up with Max’s Mullet”.First off, while he has a lot of hair on the… «more»