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A Bucket Full of Maggots #video #therealmexico

As part of my “The Real Mexico” Video Series (note that I just made that up this very minute), I’ve decided to show you something that you might never have seen before. While it’s not exclusive to Mexico, it seems… «more»

How you Can Help Raise Money for our Humane Society in Mexico

  Since 2005, we have been members of an animal humane society called “Tzi’te Animal Proteccion” in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. This past year, I’ve blogged about our issues with animal overpopulation and our plan to conquer… «more»

The Plan: Conquering Dog Overpopulation in Mexico

As I mentioned in my previous post, cultural and financial issues were inhibiting “our” ability to deal with the overpopulation of dogs in Chiapas, Mexico.Let me start out by explaining who I’m talking about when I say “our”. Through a… «more»

The Issue: Tzi’te Humane Society in Mexico

This picture of ancient Mayan dogs is our logo. The story begins when we first set eyes on San Cristobal de las Casas. The mountains take your breath away (literally and figuratively the city is located at 2,200m=7,200ft). The hillsides… «more»