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You Know You Live in Canada When Humour

You Know You Live in Canada When…

Last week, the weather in Ontario was +553 degrees (note that it was probably closer to 35 degrees celcuis but you get my drift) and this week it was -100 (see previous note and insert 10 degrees instead). Bottom line,… «more»

141018-Thanksgiving Turkey thumbnail

Beginners Guide to Cooking a Turkey Dinner #Thanksgiving

Remember the first time that you cooked a turkey. The frustration at forgetting to turn on the oven, finding out that after five days of defrosting in the fridge the turkey was still partially frozen. Or, my personal favourite, losing… «more»

Lie More to My Kids Graphic

I Should Lie More To My Kids

I Should Lie More To My Kids Yes, you read that correctly… MORE. If you know me at all, you know that I’m usually joking. However, this is one time that I’m being totally serious. I don’t write a lot… «more»

Will This Barbie Meet The Same Fate?

Will This Barbie Meet the Same Fate?

After four and a half years, it finally happened. Artemis got a Barbie. Well actually, she bought a bag containing two dolls. One was obviously a Barbie and the other was a Barbie knockoff. She held them to her chest… «more»


What Do You Do When Telemarketers Call?

If you’ve ever owned a phone then you’ve probably received a phone call from a Telemarketer. I have and I didn’t even have a phone. Try to figure that one out. This post isn’t meant to bash Telemarketers because we… «more»