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Death Should Come with a Manual

Death Should Come with a Manual

You think that I’d be good with this death stuff by now. With the loss of my son Alexander, then Aries the Cat, and now Phoenix the Dog yesterday. Well almost Phoenix. If he had died yesterday, as planned, then… «more»

A Balloon For Alexander

A Balloon For Alexander #babyloss

A part of me just wants to post this picture and leave it at that. A picture of a balloon flying up, up and away. I mean, it is Wordless Wednesday, so I doubt that you’d think much of it.… «more»

Weather Vane

The Day That My Son Died (in my Mind)

For the past four years, it’s come. It starts in early October. The exact date isn’t set in stone. My heart just knows when it’s time. For the first few weeks, it only happens every other day or so. But,… «more»

Alexanders Shelf

What It’s Like to Care for a Deceased Child

If you read the title to this post and thought, “nobody cares for a deceased child” then read on because I live it every day. Sigh. I think I start out all of my posts about Alexander with a sigh.… «more»

Have you Experienced Loss? Do you Talk about It?

I’ve experienced loss. I lost my son Alexander when we was an infant. I don’t talk about Alexander that much. Not because I don’t want to. Give me any excuse to talk about all of my kids and I’m in.… «more»