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Graphic-Through the Eyes of a Five Year Old Photography

Through the Eyes of a Child #Photography

This year, Max has taken a real interest in photography. So much so that Ed bought him a Canon PowerShot A480 all of his very own and a mini tripod. Whenever he wants to take a picture, he carefully takes… «more»

African Lion Safari Riding the Train

A Boy and His Trampoline #StopMotion

Remember how I recently posted a quick and easy tutorial on a stop motion animation app called MonkeyJam. Well, I’m in love. Probably as much as the Vine app. The only thing that it doesn’t do that I wish it… «more»

Artemis Finding Easter Candy

Rethinking the Whole Picture Taking Thing

Last week I dropped the ball. Big time. I wrote this post about how Grandparents want pictures of their grandkids and you better give them what they want or THEY YELL AT YOU and that I was being a good… «more»

Vine Logo

My First Vine Post: Max Digs to China

So, I got a new (to me) smartphone. Ed brought it back from Canada. It’s the sleek and stylish Galaxy S3. I like it. Alot. It can do lots of neat things. One of which is take “Vines”*. The urban… «more»

Max a Riding Tricycle1

Oh To Be Three Again…

Oh… To Be… Three Again… Note that no child was harmed in the taking of these photographs.

Max’s Favourite Shirt

Today, Max proudly showed me the two “Mr Potato Heads” that he’d made. Yes, everyone has a nose on top of their head. But, that’s not the point of this picture. With all the different coloured feet and noses (not… «more»

Max and Artemis at 9 Months Old Adjusted

Who Are Max and Artemis?

People often ask me, “Who Are They”? Meaning, what are their personalities like, how are they similar, different? I think that some people think that they should be more alike because they were born at the same time when really,… «more»