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Chevy Astro Van

What Would You Name Her? #Travel

When people find out that we spend the winter in Mexico there is definitely some head scratching that goes on. They want to know how and why we do it. The matter of how we get there never comes up… «more»

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Weekly Zoo Update (April 14)

Family Update After almost 17 weeks away from home, we’re back. This trip proved to be the longest trip that we’ve taken since 2005. Even though I’m still exhausted and need a vacation from the vacation vacation (we spent a… «more»

Disney World Castle

Have You Ever Been to Disney World? #travel

In case you didn’t read yesterdays post, as of this morning at 5am, The Zoo has begun our bi-annual 5,000km, 3-country road trip north from Mexico. Except this time, we’re throwing a twist in things by taking a little detour… «more»

Have You Ever Forgotten Your Child

Have You Ever Forgotten Your Child?

Today started out with me not getting up with the alarm, the hot water heater not working for my shower, finding out that The Kids have a presentation tomorrow and I need to make them costumes and a flood in… «more»