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Sunday Night at the Movies: Hyde Park on Hudson

  American History is not one of my strong subjects.Make that All History. But when Ed found this movie that was a Comedy/Period piece. We were sure that it was a marriage made in heaven. Hold that thought. Besides the… «more»

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What Canadian Giveways Have We Won Recently?

Now for our first latest installment of “What’s in The Zoo’s Mailbox”. Besides the usual menagerie of bills and people trying to sell us homes (silly them, we already have a house) so far this week we received the following… «more»

It’s Movember and we’re Supporting Prostate Cancer

This post was originally called “In Search of the Phantom” as a reference to Inspector Clousseau. It’s also one of our next marathons (11 movies in total) that we’re gearing up for. You do remember our James Bond Marathon? Speaking… «more»

James Bond 007 Marathon, #22 Quantum of Solace and Recap

Tonight we watched #22, “Quantum of Solace” (2008). The female lead was incredible, the plot was top notch especially the continuity with the previous film and there wasn’t a gadget to be seen. Not one. The theme song was something… «more»

James Bond 007 Marathon, #17 GoldenEye

So far my favourite ending is “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (I know, it’s also the movie that I liked the least), followed closely by tonight’s movie #17, “GoldenEye” (1995), Pierce Brosnan’s first time as Bond as well as a… «more»