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Dreams CD-Stephanie Coldwell-Anderson-White

Music — A Lifelong Companion #iamcanadian

This post is part of a monthly series called “I Am Canadian”. It is an opportunity for Canadians to use this blog as a forum to share a piece of their story. You can find out more and how you… «more»

#IAMSSoGood Doggie Jam is a Must Attend Concert

Reina and Phoenix love Iams and so do I. Especially their sense of social responsibility and recognition that our pets are valued and cherished family members that deserve the best both physically and artistically.  Artistically? Absolutely! On June 8, Iams… «more»

Christmas Tree-250x200

Unique and Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

It’s been a while since we told you what’s in The Zoo’s mailbox. Seeing as Christmas is only three-ish weeks away, we thought we’d share with you some of the unique and affordable Christmas gift ideas for Kids and Moms.… «more»

space chums logo

Out of This World with Space Chums Kids Music CD

In case you’re unaware, Journeys of The Zoo loves music. The kids definitely inherited that trait from Ed.I was excited to hear about Space Chums latest CD, “Blast Off” as their website describes it as a chance to “rock the… «more»

Kids Love the Fairy Tale Lyrics of Moey’s Music Party

Journeys of The Zoo was first introduced to Moey’s Music Party back in June when we reviewed their “The Princess Revolution” CD. It turns out that Moey was so happy that we were so happy (that’s a lot of happy)… «more»