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The Mystery of the Oarfish is Solved!

Two weeks ago, we got the phone call that no one wants to get. Our closest friend (whom Ed has known for over 40 years) walked into the hospital in the morning and by 1 pm was in open heart… «more»

The Week of November 17-23, 2011

Since I’m so far behind, I’m going to give you the week in pictures (with captions). Nanna was here and then she left. While she was here, we went to CHEO and gave presents in Alexander’s name. We also donated… «more»

The Kids Celebrate Their First Halloween!

The kids celebrated their first Halloween today. And what a day it was. We started it off by going out for breakfast. Everyone put on funny ears (including Mommy and Nanna). In the afternoon, we dressed up in more funny… «more»