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Talk to Strangers

Do You Let Your Kids Talk to Strangers?

After a considerable hiatus, my eyes were recently reopened to the wonderful world of libraries. Not only does my local library offer free passes to Museums in Ottawa but also that they hold weekly events for kids that revolve around… «more»

child takes forever to get ready

If You’re a Parent Then You Can Relate To This

Uncle Eric stopped by this morning. He doesn’t need an excuse but he happened to bring in the mail.As usual, I invited him in and offered to make him a coffee. Truth be told, I hadn’t had my daily fix… «more»

The Joys of Raising Multiples Guest Post at Creating Comfort

NOTE: This post was originally written as a Guest Post for Creating Comfort. First appears the text that I originally posted. After that is the text that was posted to Creating Comfort. —————————————o—————————————- A big thanks to nobody all my… «more»

Update: Nipissing Developmental Screen Checklist for 12 Months

Over the past year, I’ve been regularly referring to the “Nipissing District Developmental Screen” . I’m not sure how long they’ve been used in Ontario or if they’re standard. However, our Doctors compares the kids actions to a set list… «more»