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Create Family Memories with Products from Elephoto

My love for all things personalized and Canadian are well documented. So, you can imagine my excitement when I won a $50 gift certificate from Elephoto! Elephoto is a Canadian service that “takes your digital photos and turns them into… «more»

Much Anticipated Review of my Mailbox Contents

Here’s another installment of the much anticipated, never duplicated (but often attempted) insanity that is our mailbox.This post has a special place in my heart because two of the products have to do with Alexander.1. JustBYou This story of compassion… «more»

Pip and Bean Super Hero Costume for Kids [Review]

I’ve mentioned before that I’m currently all about “The Monogram”. When I found out what Brian and Alyssa from Pip and Bean were gifting me, I could hardly contain my excitement.Monograms and Super Hero outfits, hello Batman. The package included… «more»

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What Canadian Giveways Have We Won Recently?

Now for our first latest installment of “What’s in The Zoo’s Mailbox”. Besides the usual menagerie of bills and people trying to sell us homes (silly them, we already have a house) so far this week we received the following… «more»