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Halloween 2014

The Almost Halloween Costume Debacle of 2014

From all appearances, this years Halloween looked a lot like the Halloween Costume Debacle of 2012 but, thankfully it wasn’t. Well, not exactly. Yes, Max went as a Fireman (again) and Artemis was a Princess (for the third year in… «more»

Lie More to My Kids Graphic

I Should Lie More To My Kids

I Should Lie More To My Kids Yes, you read that correctly… MORE. If you know me at all, you know that I’m usually joking. However, this is one time that I’m being totally serious. I don’t write a lot… «more»

November Cash Giveaway

Halloween 2013 (with no Debacle)

There’s a Day for everything and at least one Holiday for every season. Add in the fact that everyone in the entire world has a birthday and that makes for a lot of events. Speaking of events, remember last year… «more»

The Halloween Costume Debacle of 2012

Happy Halloween 2012! Today started out with an early delivery from the UPS Guy. If he hadn’t come bearing tasty treats, I might have been upset that he woke me up. It wasn’t like he knocked at the door like… «more»