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Being Adopted Is No Big Deal To Me

A while back, I mentioned that I was adopted. I thought that I’d pretty much covered everything in 231 words, and I did… for me. But then I realized, perhaps other people, adopted or not might have questions. So, I’m… «more»

I Tore my Knee Cartilage While Highjumping

Way back when, I told you that I was going to post about my life as a Championship Downhill Skier. Before you go and get all mad at me for misleading you, I want to state right from the get… «more»

Journeys of The Zoo

The Time I Got Migraines to Avoid Ballet

I remember it like it was yesterday.Another event, just like all the others. One where I’m out cash, have to dance around and wear a silly costume. Is Ballet and Brownies some regulated form of torture Right of Passage? Because… «more»

Journeys of The Zoo

I Got Kicked out of Brownies

I’ll cut to the chase, I got kicked out of Brownies. On my first night. Doesn’t everyone? You might say “Rogue Degenerate” but I’d like to think “Songstress in the Making”. Read on, you might be surprised (or not). I… «more»

pooped pants droopy diaper

The Time I Pooped My Pants

Photo Source: greyerbaby I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that at the ripe old age of four, everyone has an accident once in a while. Especially considering it was on the day that you moved into your new house… «more»

Journeys of The Zoo

I (Almost) Sold my Brother for 25 Cents

In order to maintain the chronology of my life story, I need to tell you about the time that I (almost) sold my brother for the whooping sum of 25 cents (in 1975 that was like $4,567,980,321,450).The story actually begins… «more»

I Was Adopted as an Infant

As I alluded to in my last post, I am adopted.I was given up for adoption at the ripe old age of birth (and you know all about that). According to my paperwork, my biological parents were in their late… «more»

Sun Shining Rebirth

Believe it or Not, I was Born.

This was supposed to be a post about the time I was born. But then it happened… I dropped a piece of salad on my leg. And since I’d put on my own homemade dressing (equal parts olive oil and… «more»