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Chevy Astro Van

What Would You Name Her? #Travel

When people find out that we spend the winter in Mexico there is definitely some head scratching that goes on. They want to know how and why we do it. The matter of how we get there never comes up… «more»

Sold Everything We Owned - Moved to Mexico

Why We Sold Everything We Owned and Moved to Mexico #travel

The first question that people ask me is “Why Mexico?” followed shortly by “How”. I get that our lifestyle has people scratching their heads trying to figure out the logistics and wondering where we’ve hidden our money tree. The answer… «more»

Annual Roadtrip to Canada

And So Another 5,000km Road trip Begins…

All good things must come to an end. After 13 weeks, 1 day, the time has come for us to leave Mexico and return to Canada. By the time you’re reading this, we’ve begun Day 1 of our 5,000km roadtrip… «more»

Road Trip to Southern Mexico Thumbnail

The Zoo’s 5,000km Roadtrip to Southern Mexico

At this moment, The Zoo is on Day Four (and the final day) of our “Annual Roadtrip to Chiapas Mexico”. I have no problem documenting our journey before it happens because although some things are dynamic, some things never change.… «more»

When we Travel, I Pack a Lot of Stuff

The Zoo has been “The Zoo” since January 2001 and during that time, we’ve travelled a LOT. This year alone, we spent three months in Mexico. In April, we spent four days in New York City. In July, two days… «more»