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Have You Ever Forgotten Your Child

Have You Ever Forgotten Your Child?

Today started out with me not getting up with the alarm, the hot water heater not working for my shower, finding out that The Kids have a presentation tomorrow and I need to make them costumes and a flood in… «more»

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Dealing with Snow Days (Canadian Feature)

Journeys of The Zoo’s I Am Canadian Feature Guest Post for March is… MamaMusing Online and Dealing with Snow Days. Wintertime up here in the Great White North is always just that: Great and White. My front lawn hasn’t seen… «more»

Child Doesn't Want to Go School Mexico

When Your Child Doesn’t Want To Go To School

It was all too much. Another language. Separated from the sibling that they had known since conception. First time away from Mom. Sitting for three hours*. All this change resulted in days filled with crying. Not participating in events. Excuses… «more»