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Link Up to The Zoo’s Weekly Bloglovin Hop for August 8

The weather at the top of Blue Mountain has been treating us well.Sunshine in the morning, a sprinkle in the afternoon and warm nights with beautiful sunsets.Yesterday, we celebrated Great, Great Aunt Isabelle’s 104th Birthday at the Family cottage at… «more»

Link Up to The Zoo’s Weekly BlogLovin Hop for August 1

We had a very proud experience last week, when we shared about our Walmart shop and donation to our Local Food Bank, House of Lazarus.We co-hosted a giveaway for a Family Getaway to Syracuse, New York! All while enjoying the… «more»


Primeridge Pure Cheese and Curds are Like No Other

Aunt Liz knows how to make cheese. Like really knows how and has shared this knowledge with others. Kind of like how Ed tells people “How to Make a Record”. For the purposes of this post, let’s just say that… «more»

Summer Vacation at The Farm on Blue Mountain

The Zoo’s summer vacation started in early August at “The Farm” located at the top of Blue Mountain (just outside Collingwood, ON). My parents bought the 1880’s Farm in 1968. Not because they necessarily wanted a 100 acre functioning farm… «more»