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Barbie Dreamtopia Giveaway

Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Doll

Since the kids have started going to school, they regularly come home talking of toys that I’ve never heard of that “so and so has” and that if we love them, we’ll buy them one too. Okay, they haven’t said… «more»

Will This Barbie Meet The Same Fate?

Will This Barbie Meet the Same Fate?

After four and a half years, it finally happened. Artemis got a Barbie. Well actually, she bought a bag containing two dolls. One was obviously a Barbie and the other was a Barbie knockoff. She held them to her chest… «more»

SmarTrike Logo

Smart Trike 4-in-1 Tricycle Grows with Your Child

Have you ever found a product that would solve so many of your problems except you didn’t know that it existed? With over 10,000,000 trikes sold worldwide, clearly I’m one of the few that didn’t know about the Smart Trike… «more»