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Death Should Come with a Manual

Death Should Come with a Manual

You think that I’d be good with this death stuff by now. With the loss of my son Alexander, then Aries the Cat, and now Phoenix the Dog yesterday. Well almost Phoenix. If he had died yesterday, as planned, then… «more»

What it’s Like to Be Pregnant with Triplets

  People often ask me what it’s like to have be Pregnant with Triplets. Kind of a broad question. Where to start? From the beginning I guess. Once there was a Man and a Woman. The Woman became impregnated. At… «more»

May 5 is International Bereaved Mother’s Day

Want to join a club that has a life-time membership, no financial fee, does not discriminate and has you rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous? Sounds too good to be true or something out of Rumpelstilskin? Pretty close except… «more»

The Joys of Raising Multiples Guest Post at Creating Comfort

NOTE: This post was originally written as a Guest Post for Creating Comfort. First appears the text that I originally posted. After that is the text that was posted to Creating Comfort. —————————————o—————————————- A big thanks to nobody all my… «more»

Me and My MuuMuu. Pregnant with Triplets at 24 Weeks

Here at Journeys of The Zoo, we’ve been spending all our spare time getting ready for our annual summer trip to the Family Farm Compound (North of Toronto). Don’t worry, it will be business around here as usual with hilarity… «more»