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living in the country picket fence

One of Many Reasons Why I Live In The Country

Do you hear what I hear? Exactly. In case you can’t tell, this is a Vine (video). If you turn up the volume, you can hear the birds chirping. And that’s one of many reasons Why I Live in The… «more»

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A Symphony of VINES

Since I saw my first Vine, I’ve been a fan. So much so that I’ve been vining whenever I get the chance. I love that all I have to come up with is 7 seconds of greatness (or not). I… «more»

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My First Vine Post: Max Digs to China

So, I got a new (to me) smartphone. Ed brought it back from Canada. It’s the sleek and stylish Galaxy S3. I like it. Alot. It can do lots of neat things. One of which is take “Vines”*. The urban… «more»

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A Bucket Full of Maggots #video #therealmexico

As part of my “The Real Mexico” Video Series (note that I just made that up this very minute), I’ve decided to show you something that you might never have seen before. While it’s not exclusive to Mexico, it seems… «more»

child takes forever to get ready

If You’re a Parent Then You Can Relate To This

Uncle Eric stopped by this morning. He doesn’t need an excuse but he happened to bring in the mail.As usual, I invited him in and offered to make him a coffee. Truth be told, I hadn’t had my daily fix… «more»