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Around Here We Eat Caviar with a Spoon

Another week has come and gone.Speaking of which, who ever decided that Sunday was the first day of the week? I don’t know about you but it really messes things up for me. Monday should be the first day of… «more»

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The Week in Review with Some Fairies Thrown In

Last week was a busy week.We met up with some Fairies, edited a paper and hosted a ton of giveaways to name a few. Never a dull moment at The Zoo. And now for The Zoo’s Week in Review… MONDAY:… «more»

As Much as I Remember About this Week

Let’s just cut to the chase. I’ve been meaning to do something for a while. You know what they say about “that road” and “good intentions”. But, I forgot about it. I’m no elephant. Then I became someone’s “Blog Crush”.… «more»

Weekly Drivel from Mexico

If you’ve come here looking for Toilet Training tips or Hitchhiking routes from Mexico to Canada then you’ve come to the wrong blog.Okay, maybe not on the second point. If you’ve come to hear about puddles in the corner, Teddy’s… «more»