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Good News, Bad News and Canadian Blog Award Winner

Back in October 2012, Journeys of The Zoo politely asked* that if you liked our blog and thought it was in the least bit funny, you would vote for us.In case you’re unaware, through some twist of fate, we’d been… «more»

The Halloween Costume Debacle of 2012

Happy Halloween 2012! Today started out with an early delivery from the UPS Guy. If he hadn’t come bearing tasty treats, I might have been upset that he woke me up. It wasn’t like he knocked at the door like… «more»

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Who’s Getting The Crafty Bees Web Design Facelift?

It was three weeks ago today that Emily of “The Crafty Bees” agreed to gift one of you lucky ducks a Blog Facelift. Unfortunately, only one of you can win this gift but that doesn’t mean that you can’t WIN!… «more»

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Who is the Winner of the Made by LinLin Jewelry?

It sounds like a line from the game Clue… “Mrs. Maples in the Conservatory with the Billhook”. I was going to say, “all good things must come to an end” but I said that for my last giveaway. I should… «more»

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And the Giveaway Winner of the $50 in Coupons is…

The contest has closed. The results have been written on a scrap piece of paper tallied. While you’re all waiting with bated breath, I wanted to make a few notes and walk you through the so basic it’s silly selection… «more»