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Important Tips on How to be Prepared for Winter

Winter officially starts on December 21, at least that’s what Google says. I wouldn’t actually know because for the past 14 years* we have been spending December to April travelling in Southern Mexico. That means that normally, right about now,… «more»

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Dealing with Snow Days (Canadian Feature)

Journeys of The Zoo’s I Am Canadian Feature Guest Post for March is… MamaMusing Online and Dealing with Snow Days. Wintertime up here in the Great White North is always just that: Great and White. My front lawn hasn’t seen… «more»

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Be Prepared for Winter with CAA Roadside Assistance Services

Imagine… It’s -15 degrees out and you’ve locked your keys in the car. Your car has broken down in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. You’ve been in a minor accident. How do these common winter occurrences make you feel? Panicked? Fortunate? Hopefully… «more»