Monthly Archives: June 2010

When The Kids Don’t Nap Neither Do We

With all the toys hanging off of their cribs (at night I remove the ones IN their crib), we’re lucky that the kids sleep at all. Speaking of which, neither of them had a nap ALL DAY today. Not only… «more»

The Engagement

On Thursday June 24, my cousin Jonathan became engaged to his girlfriend Carrie. We look forward to meeting her and welcoming her into the family. Congratulations!

New Fridge

What a Day! We left the house before 8am and got home around 4pm. The change in routine threw the kids for a loop and they were really off (read fussy) tonight. We dropped off a water sample at the… «more»

On All Fours

Since there’s never enough going on at The Zoo (I’m being facetious), our fridge died today. Dead, done, kaput. Luckily we have one of those coolers that you can plug into the car lighter and/or into a wall plug so… «more»

Pre-Pregnancy Jeans

I can’t believe it, today I tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans and they fit. They don’t look quite like they did before I got pregnant (and they might never) but Ed gave me the stamp of approval so I wore… «more»

Nanna Leaves, Chaos Arrives

Today, our only break from non-stop crying was when The Zoo (minus the cat) went on a 3 km power walk (the kids slept in the zoo-mobile). When you’re out of shape, that’s not much of a “break”. It’s now… «more»

Happy Father’s Day!

Today was Ed’s first Father’s Day (for the third time). He spent the day as follows; Breakfast of bacon and eggs with his favourite cinnamon bun (from Sherri’s). Afterwards, we all hung out in the garage and watched Ed tinker… «more»

Nap Time

Today we had a picnic on the “West Terrace”. Artemis got to play in the grass (and dirt) for the first time (Max has previously had the pleasure). Pictures next time. It was really hot here today (hopefully a sign… «more»