Thursday, June 24, 2010

On All Fours

Since there’s never enough going on at The Zoo (I’m being facetious), our fridge died today. Dead, done, kaput. Luckily we have one of those coolers that you can plug into the car lighter and/or into a wall plug so we’ll get by. A BIG thanks to Eric “The Sheriff” (our neighbour) for putting a load of stuff in his freezer.

Well, it’s not pretty but Artemis can get up (by herself) on all fours. She can stay up for a good 5 seconds and then usually does a face plant (forward). Like I said, it’s not pretty. Thankfully, Max is happy lying on his back, watching the world go by. I’ll hold off on having two crawling at the same time for as long as possible!

I’ve tried to get some pictures, but I’m sure that you can imagine, it’s not an easy feat. This is as good as it gets (she’s also having a hissy fit, makes for twice the fun)!

Here are a couple more cute ones (taken post hissy fit).

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