Monthly Archives: June 2010

Internet Problems

For those of you who don’t know, our phone system is “Voice Over IP” (Vonage), our internet service is “RipNET” (a small local company, Bell and Rogers don’t offer support) and our cell phone doesn’t work at the house. In… «more»

Happy Birthday Nanna (2010)!

Below is a picture of Max and his new toy. If anyone knows how to work it, we’d appreciate some assistance. You need to be a kid to figure them out… Today, for the first time in a while, both… «more»

BBQ with "Uncle" Eric The Sheriff

Today was not a very nice day (although the evening was nice), regardless, we had Eric over for a BBQ and what a feast it was. The menu consisted of; sausages, chicken, pork tenderloin, potatoes and carrots and for dessert,… «more»

The North Terrace

Artemis has started to take hold of her bottle (not totally by herself but enough) to pull it in and out and in and out and in and out (you get the drift) during her feed. It makes for a… «more»

Max and Artemis Just Hanging Out

Today Ed painted the Diningroom/Hallway. I’ll post before and after pictures when we’re done (still need to install edging around our new sliding door, replace the light switches and install our new ceiling fan). The kids had a great day… «more»

6-Months Old!

Time flies when you’re having fun! In celebration of the kids 6-month birthday, we thought that we would re-create their birth in all it’s naked glory. Well, almost. We protected their modesty and took pictures after bathtime. The following pictures… «more»

Artemis Putting Things in Her Mouth

The Kids Have Started Putting Things in Their Mouth

We were supposed to go to a picnic today (at Mooney’s Bay in Ottawa) with our friends from “The Friday Night Auction” but we got rained out. Unfortunately, a really good photo opportunity was missed. There are only so many… «more»

Baptism Invitations

Today I’m posting twice (to make up for yesterday). I didn’t post because I was busy doing whatever it is that I do and writing the Baptism Invitations. The invitations were purchased in Mexico (by Ed’s Mother, Rosina) and are… «more»

The Kids Get Weighed at Their First BabyTalk Visit

Today we went to “Baby Talk”. This is a weekly event put on by Community Health Services where we meet with “Arla” (our nurse) and she tracks the kids progress and answers any questions (I have her phone number on… «more»

The Before Picture Isn’t Anything Like the After One

Okay, there isn’t a “before picture” but you guys have been around long enough to know that the “after picture” isn’t anything like how it started out.The kids spent the better part of 30 minutes tiring themselves out by playing… «more»