Monthly Archives: June 2010

Winter in June

We’ve had to turn the heat back on. The house was 66 degrees when we woke up. Outside it’s rainy and overcast. While the house was warming up, the kids sported some toques. Max is wearing a custom-made one knitted… «more»

Friday Night Auction

Last night Ed and I went to our usual Friday Night Auction except we got to enjoy it without kids (thanks for babysitting Nanna). Today Nanna had to go home. After saying our goodbyes, we went to our first daytime… «more»

A Whole Lot of Nothing

Lots has been going on since Nanna arrived, however, nothing really “picture worthy” unless of course you’re their parent or Nanna. Today we caught a few special moments. Artemis was trying to call her Abuela with the new phone she… «more»

Nanna Hood Arrives for a Visit.

Nanna Hood arrived today for a visit. In order to try and keep up with our “picture a day” challenge, we’re posting a picture of the new zoo-mobile that was taken on our walk yesterday (we’re kind of cheating).