Monthly Archives: July 2010

On Vacation

As of tomorrow morning, we’re on vacation! For how long, we don’t know (oh, the life of a nomad). We’re hoping until Ed has to leave for Edmonton (for work, in mid-September). However, as luck would have it, he just… «more»

Remembering Alexander. We Will Never Forget

Alexander was Alexander before he was even conceived. Both Ed and I liked the name (before we even met) and knew that if we ever had children, we would use the name Alexander. Therefore, when the trio was conceived, we… «more»

Memoirs of Artemis, The Goddess of The Hunt

Maximilian isn’t the only one with memoirs, as I, The Goddess have a few stories to tell myself.Like Max mentioned, I too can grab and suck my feet (although I like my soother better). I’ve started to spend some quality… «more»

Memoirs from a Six Month Old, Also Known as Max

And so begin the memoirs of a six month old named Max. Did you know that within my easy reach, there are two appendages with five little things hanging off each of them? How come no one told me about… «more»

The “Whatever” Chair of Neglect

In case you’re keeping track, we have “The Circle of Neglect” (exersaucer), “The Swing of Neglect” (swing) and today, Max experienced our latest method of neglect, “The Whatever Chair of Neglect”. I call it the “Whatever Chair” because I don’t… «more»

Bottles, Spas and Vacation

Artemis can now hold her bottle, take it out and put it back in all by herself! We need to help her keep it tilted or else she “sucks air” (although she doesn’t seem to mind). Max can push the… «more»

Seeing as I haven’t been doing the best job of remembering or having the time to take pictures, I’ve posted a couple of pictures courtesy of Nanna.

The Way They Were. How Far They Come in Six Months

Here’s a picture of Artemis taken today. And I thought that they “were” putting everything in their mouth, now they really ARE putting everything in their mouth. One of the two of them in (our) bed this morning . Here’s… «more»