Friday, July 2, 2010

The Way They Were. How Far They Come in Six Months

Here’s a picture of Artemis taken today. And I thought that they “were” putting everything in their mouth, now they really ARE putting everything in their mouth.

One of the two of them in (our) bed this morning .

Here’s a blast from the past, pictures of them the day(s) that they came home.

Max at 5lbs in his car seat (note that it was rated for 5lbs).

Max in his “bed” (our laundry basket).

Max with his Poppa. Poppa was lucky that he was there the day that Max AND Artemis came home (2 weeks apart).

Artemis in her car seat (also at 5lbs).

Max and Artemis with Poppa (the day Artemis came home). Max is in the green and white striped sleeper.

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