Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Artemis Gains Weight

At her last weigh in on September 20, Artemis was no longer registering on the growth chart, she was too light (even for her adjusted age). So, for the past month we have been trying different ways to help her gain weight; formula in her bottle for extra calories, calorie rich foods (avocado, hard boiled egg yolk) and an extra dream feed at night (I was waking her up to feed, eck!).

All of our hard work paid off! Today she weighed 14lbs5oz a one month gain of 15oz (1oz short of a pound). She is “just” on the chart. This is really great weight gain as this is a time where it really slows down (1.5-3oz per week).

Nanna left today after a four-day visit.

Here’s a picture of them opening up their presents from Joanne and Kent.

and one of Artemis where you can just see her two bottom teeth. Note that one of her top teeth (“E”) is just starting to break the surface. Refer to the September Posting titled “Max’s First Tooth” for the tooth chart.

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