Monthly Archives: November 2010

Sippy Cups

Today at the “suggestion” of the public health nurse, I brought out the Sippy Cups (that I bought over one month ago). I have to admit, I wasn’t very sold on the idea, kind of like I wasn’t really sold… «more»

Eight Pieces of Toast

Today at dinner, Max fed himself 8 pieces of toast. The reason why this is such an amazing feat is that up until this point, he had yet to feed himself ONE piece of anything. In the past, he would… «more»

Max is "On the Move" (Vertically Speaking)

Max successfully used the “shopping cart” today. It started out with only a few steps (two to be exact). After he’d done that a few times, he up’d the ante to 6 steps and the next time he walked clear… «more»

Nine Months Old

So my computer is still broken (and will stay that way until we get back from Mexico) and Ed has taken back the one of his that I was borrowing. It doesn’t matter much anyways because I no longer have… «more»

Enough About the Kids

Ed says that I’m boring everyone with my “kid chat”. Therefore, today’s post will be about something much more interesting; Our Midnight Snack. Last night we had baked, flax and honey crackers with slices of cambozola, drizzled with caviar, kalamata… «more»

In Remembrance and The Toy Box(es)

Today is Remembrance Day (Lest we forget…) and the kids are 11 months (actual). I somehow managed to get my teeth cleaned today. I LOVE to get my teeth cleaned. I know, I’m weird. We are looking forward to Nanna’s… «more»

Hide and Seek

Two posts for today.

What’s For Dinner?

The kids have been eating solids (2-3 times a day) for almost 3 months. In the morning, they have cereal with a fruit. They absolutely love banana and are able to eat a whole one between the two of them.… «more»

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, Ed arrived home from Arizona, however, I was not there to meet him at the airport. Instead, my mother was there. I was in the hospital as Alexander’s water broke (“membranes ruptured” is the medical term)… «more»