Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bessie’s Gone to Pasture

Cow in Pasture

Yesterday was the first day since December 11, 2009 that I didn’t pump (that makes it 499 days or 16 months, 13 days, in case you’re keeping track). In turn, yesterday was the first day that the kids were on frozen breast milk. While it doesn’t have my anti-bodies (they are killed in the freezing process), it still contains all the (other) nutrients that they need. An independent taste test was conducted and although the breast milk was heavily favoured, they drank the homogenized milk with no complaint. This gives me great relief because I know that for some mothers, the transition is not easy.

I have 55 bags of breast milk in (Uncle Eric’s) deep freeze. That totals about 560oz. I am defrosting one bag a day (8oz in their sippy, 2oz for cereal). The rest of their liquids are in the form of water and/or homogenized milk. The reason why I don’t defrost two bags a day is that the frozen is not as “robust” as fresh breast milk and can only be kept for 24 hours (fresh can be kept for 48 hours). If they didn’t drink it all, I would have to throw it out (what horror!).

There you have it, everything you ever wanted to know (or didn’t) about Bessie and my breastfeeding journey. That’s the last you’ll have to hear about it because Bessie’s gone to pasture.

Did You Ever Breastfeed?

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