Sunday, April 10, 2011

In, On, Under

I have so many post ideas in the works but never get/have time to get the necessary picture. In addition, I’m hating the pictures that our Canon Elph takes (I’m a Nikon girl). We have a Nikon D70 but it’s only seen the light of day a few times since we bought it (in 2005!). I must get Ed to show me how to use it.

Today was day two of no afternoon naps. Except for a little breakdown at 4:30pm (see picture), Max got his second wind and was fine until bedtime (7:30ish). Artemis is a night hawk like her Dad and technically never needs to sleep.

The newest activity is to climb on, in and under anything and everything. So as to minimize their ability to throw themselves off the top of high things, I have removed all boxes, bags, stools, and large toys. Did I mention how smart our kids were. Note that I do not have any pictures of them standing on poorly constructed, about to collapse cardboard boxes (although I thought about it…).

You have no idea how much fun it is to spend half the day under here. Seriously, you should try it. Note that I removed her several times but she just kept going back under so I left her.


and After (The Meltdown)

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