Wednesday, April 27, 2011

There’s been a Hitch

Remember the “Toddler Action Songs” VHS tape that I was so happy about? The tape that single handedly caused the Historic Day post. The one where after 10+ years (yes, YEARS people) caused us to find a place in our house for a tv (we don’t do that for every thing that needs a home, unless of course it’s furry, then we MAKE room). Well, let’s just say that it’s not our cup of tea. What ever happened to Row, row, row your boat. Or the one with all the men in a bathtub (a baker and some other guys). I mean, at least no one was seriously injured in the process.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering (well, if you’re not, too bad, I’m going to tell you anyways, besides, if you’re not really wondering, what are you reading the blog for anyways, the kids? kids… shmids, anyways, back to my train of thought) what we’re going to do with the tv. Will it spend another decade, alone, with no one to lose it’s remote… again (speaking of which, Uncle Andrew, do you know where it is)?

I will save my thoughts for another post as I want to try and come up with something funny to say besides, “the tv stays” I have to maintain my readership in order to keep all my lucrative sponsorship deals.

Here are some pictures from this morning, the sun is shining, it’s supposed to be 18 degrees outside and it’s nice and warm in the window. I’m not sure who was here first (this shot was not set-up, we always never do that) but even the cat wants to get in on the action (even if it means sharing some space and losing tufts of fur).

(In pictures) It looks like they have so much hair. They both have mullets going on (Max also has a top of the head mullet) but not much else.

Yah, spring is finally here. Hey, who owns those funny, hairy legs (in the top right hand corner)? I hope that I got my mother’s legs…

Artemis is wearing this Winnie the Pooh (brown) dress (size 0-3months) as a shirt. Her pants are size 6 months and they’re baggy on her.

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