Monthly Archives: May 2011

Tons of Events Going on in The Boonies

Yesterday afternoon, for the first time, we attended the Dandelion Festival. There was a lot to see; the opening of the new library, face painting, train taking kids around town, buskers, folk dancing, singing and playing, rock stage, art exhibits,… «more»

A "Zoo’ed Up" First Blog’versary

One year ago today, I posted this wild and crazy introduction (well not really wild and crazy to the general populace but it was for The Zoo). Since that time, we have made 129 posts (well 130 if you count… «more»

Reina’s New Bionic Knee Surgery is a Success!

Note that at the bottom of this post, there are a few pictures of Reina’s wound. There is a tiny droplet of dried blood (it looks black) and I don’t think it’s gory at all. In fact, I think that… «more»

Things I Have Learned About Cheerios

Cheerios have been a part of my life since as far back as I can remember. Sunday mornings sitting in front of the tv just wouldn’t have been the same without a a big bowl of those toasted o’s overflowing… «more»

The May Long Weekend of 2011

I have been inundated with requests from my mom and dad loyal followers to do a post about this weekend. That and they want to see pictures of their grandkids. Grandkids grandshmids. What about me, their only daughter? Replaced by… «more»

Letter to Ed #2

Kevin, Andrew and Bailey (my brother’s dog) arrived at 3:09pm and within 3 seconds of arriving, I had them helping me out; take down the bunk bed, get the table and chair from the portable, assemble a new kids toy… «more»

Letter to Ed #1

You just pulled out of the driveway (you have business in Ottawa) and I am putting the last touches on my scalloped potatoes before they arrive (eta of 3pm). “They?” you would have asked. “Whose coming? It can’t be Andrew… «more»

Feeling Verklempt

Change in plans (I’m sure you’re not surprised). Ed and Reina went alone to the vet. After some sleep thought I realized that all of us didn’t need to go (especially because the kids would have missed a short nap,… «more»