Monday, May 30, 2011

Internet Challenges Associated with Living in Rural Ontario

Internet Challenges TowerWe’ve been having intermittent internet since Friday. We’ve been out almost all of today.

Poor Ed, he had two phone conferences today, makes it tough with no phone (as you know, we use VOIP and don’t have a land line).

Ed’s pretty sure that it’s tree foliage that is our problem If that’s the case, we’ll need to install a tower (at least 40′). That’s going to cost some money. We need to buy a (used) tower (~$30 for each 10′, $120, new it’s $150 per 10′), we need to have someone experienced to scale/build the tower (cost unknown) and then we need to pay our service provider to come out and re-establish the connection ($250). Assuming that’s the problem…

If you’re trying to get in touch with us and it’s not urgent, please call and leave a voice message and/or email. When we (sporadically) get internet and/or pop over to The Sheriff’s to check, we can get our voice message and emails and call you back.

If it’s an emergency, call our cell phone or The Sheriff.

Just a reminder (Mom, smile) that calls IN TO and OUT OF our cell phone are long distance. Our calls ping off of a tower right near our house that is in another area code. You can imagine how much I love paying (unnecessary) long distance charges.

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