Friday, May 20, 2011

Letter to Ed #2

Kevin, Andrew and Bailey (my brother’s dog) arrived at 3:09pm and within 3 seconds of arriving, I had them helping me out; take down the bunk bed, get the table and chair from the portable, assemble a new kids toy (which required a trip back to the portable with a flashlight), get the laundry from the basement and babysit the kids so that I could use the washroom.

Kevin wanted to hide his car behind the portable but I told him that you wouldn’t recognize it. Now if he’d brought his truck… As I thought, you just thought that it was someone else’s (specifically my friend Rene’s).

While we were waiting for you (read: drinking beers), Kevin had made a list as long as his arm of things to do; trim tree, finish bathroom, burn the burn pile, mow the lawn (Andrew’s job), but not before you reassemble the lawn mower tractor.

When you arrived, your response to seeing this

Was this. Classic. (Note that this was not staged, however, I was waiting at the door to catch your reaction).

You arrived home at 4:45pm and within two minutes (literally, you left in dress clothes and shoes), you guys were back out the door and headed to Finnerty’s for “Guys Night Out”. Kevin is already planning on buying something big (what he doesn’t know, nor is it really important) because we can take it to him this summer (we’ll be bringing the trailer).

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