Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tons of Events Going on in The Boonies

Dandelion Festival LogoYesterday afternoon, for the first time, we attended the Dandelion Festival.

There was a lot to see; the opening of the new library, face painting, train taking kids around town, buskers, folk dancing, singing and playing, rock stage, art exhibits, food and drink to name a few.

We went because we wanted to see the Reptile Exhibit but they changed the time and date on us (to today) so we missed it. The kids couldn’t have cared less. Max enjoyed chasing the bubbles that I made (I brought them with me) and Artemis spent her time cleaning up the area (read: picking up cigarette butts off the ground, her Mommy is so proud…). Sorry, no pictures (we forgot).

Today, we went over to Cousin Ethan’s house for a BBQ. The adults ate; barbequed chicken breast with an assortment of 37 bbq sauce flavours (okay I’m slightly exaggerating but not by much), potato salad, spinach salad with raisins, tomatoes and walnuts (yum), fresh homemade bread with balsamic/oil dip, many different beverages (Christina has this really cool Keurig coffee machine). The day ended with Lemon Swirl Cheesecake. Once again, we forgot to take pictures. Next time for sure (no excuses) because Christina got a new Nikon D3000 camera. The kids tested out each others toys while the parents ran around and further baby proofed the house. Thanks for having us!

On the way home from Christina’s, Ed noticed this “Clubhouse Swingset” (made by Little Tikes) disassembled and hidden in the front bushes of someone’s house. I went in to ask about it and sure enough, they’d just put it out (a few hours earlier) and it was FREE. Their grandkids had outgrown it and hardly ever used it. Hopefully Ed can replace the bucket swings for our infant swings. Once he’s through with it, it will look new. Score.

We spoke to Poppa and he is coming for a visit on Wednesday. Followed by Nanna’s visit on June 8 (wow, it’s almost June!?). We can hardly wait!

We are still accepting Haiku poems. Here’s another one to get/keep your creative juices flowing. By the way, feel free to submit more than one (but at least submit one).

This Blog turned one
It has been a super year
Here’s to many more

Have any Haikus of Your Own?

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