Tuesday, October 4, 2011

James Bond 007 Movie Marathon, #4 Thunderball and #8 Live and Let Dive

Last night we watched #4, “Thunderball” (1965) on DVD. The movie had been remastered which was better on the eyes, however, it made the authenticity of the movie seem less real. Your eyes think modern movie but the technology and cinemetography say ancient. It messed with my head a bit.Poppa was our movie night guest tonight and he rated the movie a “7.5”. Ed and I liked everything about the movie. It had a great plot that was easy to follow, tons of gadgets (for the car and Bond), great allies, music, you name it. The underwater fight scene was a bit long.

When this movie started, I had no idea that I’d ever seen it before. That was until the “pool scene”. It should be noted that this movie is the reason why I’m afraid of swimming in pools (at night), lakes (almost all the time) and oceans (never). Whenever people would tell me that there was no such thing as sharks in pools, I’d remind them of the James Bond movie (I never quoted the name because I didn’t know it).

Even so, I gave it a rating of “9” and Ed gave it a rating of “8”.

Tonight we watched movie #8, (another one that we’d missed) “Live and Let Die” (1973). Roger Moore did an amazing job as a first time Bond, you wouldn’t even know it. Jane Seymour was a great Bond Girl. The theme song by Paul and Linday McCartney was my second favourite (To Carly Simon’s, Nobody Does it Better)

The gadgets were great, the boat chase was epic (although a little long), and there were tons of really “smart” scenes. The problem was the plot (really hokey) and the ending (dragged on).

In turn, our ratings weren’t that good; Poppa “7”, Ed “6” and I “7”.

Next up is movie #11, “Moonraker” (1979). And we’re now back on track.

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