Monthly Archives: November 2011

Uncle Andrew Was Here

I’m totally behind the eight ball. Uncle Andrew was here but now he’s gone. Before you know it (read: Thursday), Nanna will be here. And after that, Poppa. All of this within the next two weeks. Ed got a new… «more»

It’s Movember and we’re Supporting Prostate Cancer

This post was originally called “In Search of the Phantom” as a reference to Inspector Clousseau. It’s also one of our next marathons (11 movies in total) that we’re gearing up for. You do remember our James Bond Marathon? Speaking… «more»

The Week of November 17-23, 2011

Since I’m so far behind, I’m going to give you the week in pictures (with captions). Nanna was here and then she left. While she was here, we went to CHEO and gave presents in Alexander’s name. We also donated… «more»

Another Post about Poo

First off, I can’t believe that we’ve only been officially toilet training Artemis for one week. It feels like at least twenty two weeks.Today started out as usual. Artemis tells me her diaper needs to be changed so we go… «more»

Kraft and You can Help Food Banks like House of Lazarus

Kraft Foods is supporting local food banks across Canada this holiday season. From November 3, 2011 to January 31, 2012, they are donating $1 (PER DAY, PER PERSON) to each person that enters their name.One of the Food Banks on… «more»

Max’s Favourite Shirt

Today, Max proudly showed me the two “Mr Potato Heads” that he’d made. Yes, everyone has a nose on top of their head. But, that’s not the point of this picture. With all the different coloured feet and noses (not… «more»

Toilet Training 101: Readiness May Not be Obvious

Note: This post is about poo. You’ve been warned.Not sure if I told you but Artemis has been talking “Poo” for over a week now. If I didn’t tell you it was because Ed told me that a post about… «more»

The Back 40

Today we made our annual visit to the back of our property. It’s not really in “the back 40” but it’s pretty big and besides, I’m sure that you get the drift. If you don’t get the drift or want… «more»

Public Service Announcement: Electricity Costs

This PSA is for those of you that don’t know but do care, but even if you do know are interested, use electricity and/or are located in Ontario, Canada. As of November 1, Hydro Ontario went and messed with us… «more»