Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Max’s Favourite Shirt

Today, Max proudly showed me the two “Mr Potato Heads” that he’d made. Yes, everyone has a nose on top of their head.

But, that’s not the point of this picture. With all the different coloured feet and noses (not to mention 40 other pieces), I like that he made them identical.

Kind of fitting as it was two years ago today that Alexander’s water broke and I was admitted to the hospital (until the kids were born, 4 weeks 5 days later). November 8th is a hard day.

By the way, when the picture was taken, he was headed off to get an arm for Mr Potato Heads EYE.

Playing together.

Hey, this hat doesn’t fit!

And now for the title of this post. Max has a favourite shirt.

He picks it out whenever I let him he can. He always picks it when the rest of his ensemble just won’t work with said “favourite shirt”. In turn, I usually have to change his undershirt and pants (and sometimes even his socks). Yes, I’m one of THOSE mother’s.

Once, my mother called me in a panic asking me “what happened”? “what was wrong”? She’d seen this post (scroll down to the bottom, see what she was concerned about!) and wondered why Max wasn’t colour coordinated. Seriously.

Thankfully, I like the shirt. I just wish that everything he had coordinated with it (smile).

And a picture of yesterday’s lunch, one of my favourites (only because I can’t eat caviar EVERY day); falafels, whole-wheat mini pitas (not shown), couscous with onions, tomatoes, parsley, feta and kalamata olives and cucumber salad with yogurt and garlic. Yum!

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