Monday, November 7, 2011

Toilet Training 101: Readiness May Not be Obvious

Toilet Training 101
Note: This post is about poo. You’ve been warned.Not sure if I told you but Artemis has been talking “Poo” for over a week now. If I didn’t tell you it was because Ed told me that a post about poo would be embarrassing for him the kids so I didn’t. I told him today’s post was about avocados so he’s none the wiser.It’s a good thing that we went to playgroup today because my ability to pick up on Artemis’ toilet training readiness is much like my ability to detect labour. Everyone tells you, “Oh, you’ll know, no doubt about it”, “You can’t miss it”. While this is true, it took me several hours of labour to realize it. Back to the poo.

For the past week and a half, around noon, Artemis has been coming up to me, patting her bum and saying “poo” (except for that one time where she said “Max poo” and I went off in search of him and came back empty handed, it turns out that she was referring to herself). You’d think that would be enough notice but, alas, no. One day this week, she once again patted her bum and said “poo”. I told her how much I appreciated her telling me, that next time maybe she’d like to go in the potty and that we’d go and change her diaper. And then, she poo’d. Crap (sorry for the pun)! I had a few minutes there where I could have got her on the potty.

Effective immediately (take note Nanna and Poppa), all of Artemis’ diapers are being changed in the bathroom. I won’t bore you with the rest of the details but we’ve decided to forgo the potty (at the suggestion of our child and youth care worker) as well as the “potty seat” (for the toilet) as we won’t have either of these in Mexico. We reserve the right to change our opinions as Artemis sees fit.

Max could give a crap about giving a crap

Another pun, I’m on a roll tonight. We’re fine with that. One bum at a time.

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