Monday, April 16, 2012

Quiet Time is Anything But Quiet at The Zoo

Just as I was thinking to myself, “self, what am I going to bore amuse my readers with today”, I walked in on this… Quiet Time at The Zoo.

You can’t see their full destruction creativity from my (crappy) picture but everything within reach (including those accessible by standing on diaper boxes) was stuffed, placed, thrown and/or worn. Within three minutes, it was all over.

Obviously someone isn’t aware of the weather outside.

I just got an email from Ed in the Calgary airport (he at 5am for Edmonton), poor guy, there’s snow on the ground where he is and the thermometer in the “ladybug infested canoe room” reads 25 degrees.

Speaking of ladybugs, each fall, all the ladybugs in the entire world hibernate in our canoe room. In the spring, they wake up and try to escape out our screened windows. After four years, we still haven’t figured out how to avoid the hibrernation and/or successfully eliminate them automatically aide them on their way in the big, wide world. In turn, this afternoons activity was capturing each.and.every.single.ladybug in the entire world and releasing them outside.

2 thoughts on “Quiet Time is Anything But Quiet at The Zoo

  1. kathy

    my house seriously looks like it vomits toys and stuff everywhere every day and no matter how much i tidy up, i turn around and there’s more stuff everywhere. nobody wins!

    ps – visiting from the Friendly Followers link-up 🙂


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