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Much Anticipated Review of my Mailbox Contents

Here’s another installment of the much anticipated, never duplicated (but often attempted) insanity that is our mailbox.This post has a special place in my heart because two of the products have to do with Alexander.1. JustBYou
This story of compassion starts with a “win by default”. Some things are not a coincidence.

My prize, one personalized dog tag! Note that personalized/monogrammed items are currently right up there with my love of collecting buttons and sewing machines (note to self, give up the sewing machine obsession and exchange it for something smaller). Anyways, a lovely, personalized dog tag. What to put on it?

I hummed and hawed and finally, I decided to ask the artist herself, Kim (well actually, her daughter is the artist but work with me here). Kim made things a lot easier (or tougher depending on how you look at it) by offering me THREE dog tags. Wow! I immediately knew that I wanted a “Zoo” themed one and one for Alexander.

With the help of Kim and her daughter, they designed and hand-stamped (how neat is that) the following two tags (in the end I felt that three would be too many). Sorry about the poor picture quality (I think I’ve lost my credibility as I’ve blamed the problem on the camera too many times).

Dog Tags in Memory of Alexander The Great
When I received them, I knew right away that I wanted to put them on my keychain. To have them with me all the time. I shared this sentiment with Kim as I wanted her to know how important they were to me. Her response; so as not to minimize any heartache over possibly losing my tags, her daughter would make me a second set for safe keeping (on Alexander’s shelf). Meeting these kind souls was no coincidence!

For those of you that don’t know the quote reference, it was on Alexander’s baptism certificate. We didn’t choose it ourselves but it has come to mean so much.

You’d think that having the tags rubbing up against my keys and purse items would make them all scratched but they’re holding up nicely. Besides, I want them to look and feel loved (yes, I just wrote that, see, I’m a softie).

If you have any need for anything, you should check out Kim’s etsy shop, Just By U as they sell everything but the kitchen sink including Candy (hello, Praline Cashews, yum), cards and suncatchers. Something for everyone!

2. Brandy Cattoor
When Brandy a.k.a. Artist Extraordinaire told me that I had won a 3.5″ x 2.5″ oil on canvas portrait, I knew exactly which picture I would pick.

We have a bunch of pictures of Alexander but the one (in the middle) stands out as our favourite. The really neat thing is that we have the exact same pose and proportion of one of Max. Don’t they look identical (note to readers, they are identical).

I emailed Brandy the picture with a request to make it look like he didn’t have tubes/was in the hospital. I felt badly asking her to paint a picture of a child that had passed away (although not in this picture) and I told her so. She was compassionate but did not seem concerned that she wasn’t up to the challenge.

Maximilian Identical Twin to Alexander

Alexander Identical Twin to Maximilian

Portrait of Alexander The Great
We are so pleased with the results. Can you believe that this picture was painted by hand! I can’t put into words how much it means to have a tangible picture of Alexander looking back at me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you have any portrait requirements or would love a beautiful piece of art, please stop by Brandy’s Shop and take a look around.

3. Tweet Heart
I’m sure you’ve noticed the prominent use of our “Z” logo. I made it myself. I know hard to believe that it wasn’t made by a professional (I get that all the time, smile). When I won a $25 gift certificate for wall art, I knew that something “Zoo themed” was in our future.

With the patience of a giant, Sunny worked with me to create a custom piece of genius. The purpose behind the greatness was that I will mount the vinyl lettering on particle board, frame it and hang in on the wall. The advantage of this is that I can take it with us when we move. No plans yet but it’s inevitable, we’re “The Zoo”…

So, pretend that what I described above has been done. Doesn’t it look great! If I waited for my vision to be complete, I wouldn’t get out this post. Ed just suggested that we put it on our front door (that has a large glass panel), it would fit perfectly…

Customized Wall Art for Journeys of The Zoo
Bare walls? Need a simple and affordable change on a budget? Don’t know what you want but know you want something? Stop by Sunny’s shop, Tweet Heart and look around. You will not be disappointed with the process, price or quality (I got all this for $25 and it included shipping!).

4. The Orange WindMill
I’m running a social experiment. It’s a surprise.

What I can tell you is that you should get a good look at this journal because you might not see it again for a long time (if ever).

Why get all excited about a journal? Well, this isn’t any ordinary journal. Besides the fact that it’s going to change the world as we know it (okay, maybe not but I like to think BIG), it’s made from leather and was hand stiched by Shirley in Hamilton (yah, another Canadian)! See, no ordinary journal.

Hand Stitched Leather Journal by the Orange WindmillBinding of the Leather Journal

Want to look like the consummate professional? Check out all the different colours and sizes of journals and other business-like things in Shirley’s Shop. Support Canadian!


Thank you So Much!


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